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TPRS© - German Song & Storytelling Classroom Manual


A classroom manual for Teachers of German.

This book is part of a series of educational materials that seek to “bottle” Waldsee’s immersion techniques for German teachers to uncork and adapt in their own classrooms. Other publications in this series seek to help German teachers integrate environmental learning and German; art and German; and global studies and German in their classrooms. A catalogue of Waldsee’s “best practices” joins this series. Moreover, our own German songbook, Waldsee Lieder, contains over 300 German, Austrian and Swiss songs appropriate for classroom learning, and is a nice complement to this book. These materials have been developed simultaneously with the publication of Doing Foreign Language: Bringing Concordia Language Villages into Language Classrooms, by Heidi E. Hamilton, Cori Crane and Abigail Bartoshesky (Pearson Education, 2005), which broadens the scope beyond German to embrace and offer practical classroom applications of the basic principles that guide Concordia Language Villages curriculum and programming in 14 different languages. Includes CD.

By Bernie Schlafke

Paperback Spiral Bound: 191 pages, Copyright © Concordia Language Villages, 2006

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