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Waldsee Lieder Song Book

A collection of German, Austrian and Swiss songs for young people of all ages.

This is a collection of Lieder--songs--sung at Waldsee, America's German Language Village. Included are traditional songs still sung in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and modern Lieder popular among young people in German-speaking Europe. This book also contains songs in dialect and German language songs of foreign origin - important examples of how German culture has been enriched by regional diversity and positive interaction with other cultures. Short cultural introductions have been included to paint a picture of the values, histories and traditions of the German-speaking peoples, and of life at Waldsee. This book also embodies Waldsee's philosophy of experience-based learning.

Compiled and Edited by Dan Hamilton (Karl), Dean, Waldsee German Village.

Paperback Spiral Bound: 339 pages, Copyright © 2006

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